Terrace Garden: A Small Vegetable Business From Home

In cities, it is very difficult to get fresh vegetables. People living in cities kill their hobby Gardening because of no space. But don’t worry present days people make use of each and every corner in a creative manner. Among those creativities, Terrace Garden is one.

We know most people have a hobby Gardening. Actually, gardening is one of the best exercises for old people and people working under stress. We already grow some of the flower trees on our terrace but this time we will grow vegetables which will bring you some income.

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Actually, many of us think of side business along with our day job. Some of us would not like to leave the job but like to have side business without traveling. For those person’s terrace gardening is one of the best which also helps you to get some exercise. It is most beneficial to housewives who like to have a garden in their house.

Terrace Gardening is one of the best ideas to get fresh air, sunlight. Actually, many of us prefer to work on the terrace on an early morning.

Requirements For Terrace Gardening:

Terrace Gardening needs very low investment. For gardening, we need seeds, nursery plants, containers, organic manures, soil and other small equipment.

We will get seeds and plants from a nursery. We can use containers made of plastic drums, pots made of mud. Actually, we can use waste plastic containers for terrace gardening which is most recommendable for recycling waste plastic.

We can use organic manure prepared from kitchen waste. To get details please go through below link

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Types of Plant To Grow On Terrace Garden:

We know the present day’s vegetables have more demand. To get chemical free vegetables is god’s gift. There are some vegetables which need less place to grow. 

We can grow major vegetables like Onions, Potato, Carrot, Tomato, Radish, Capsicum, Chillies, Beans, Peas, Cucumber, Garlic and many more plants. 

We can grow maximum all types of vegetables on the terrace. We can also grow different types of flowers. Flowers also have huge demand. We can also grow fruits like guava, mango, lemons, papaya.

How to design Terrace Garden:

The terrace garden is mainly helpful for people living in urban areas. For them, it is very difficult to get land for farming. The only thing we need is to design area of your terrace for a maximum number of plants. 

We can use big plastic drums by cutting into the half. We can also use small containers for growing onions, potatoes, carrot and other small plants or that grow underground.

We can use vertical farming for certain plants which grow long like Gherkin, Ridgegourd. Most plants need protection from birds which can get from vertical farming. 

Organic Manure For Farming:

We know for any farming we need fertilizers for healthy growth. Actually, the main aim in terrace gardening is chemical-free farming. 

So for chemical-free farming prepare manures from your kitchen waste. This brings good health and also good for plants. It is very cheap and easy to make in our homes.

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Finally, Terrace gardening is nothing but a small vegetable business where we can grow different types of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. This is a best part-time business that can plan along with your day job.

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