Plastic Recycling Business With Low Investment

Using of plastic in our daily life is increasing fast. So, the rate of pollution of the environment is also fast. To decrease this rate, plastic recycling is important.

So, waste-management-recycling-businesses boosting and is giving more importance. The source for starting this business is waste plastic from our surrounding areas.

For making precious products from waste plastic we need machines. These machines have to purchase from standard companies.

Why We have to do Plastic Recycling?

If you know how to use plastic, then we also have to know the hazardous of throwing plastic. There are many articles published in magazines and blogs how our thrown plastic is killing animals and affecting our environment.

Mostly aquatic animals are losing their life’s and also not living their way of life.

Plastic Recycling Business With Low InvestmentOn road, we are seeing many animals eating plastic covers and die of indigestion problem. We don’t have the power to create life then why should we take the power of killing.

So these conditions demanding every citizen to reuse plastic or stop using plastic.

Know Before Starting Recycling Business

Before starting the business, let’s know the investment and sources in our area. The waste plastic percentage has to know in our areas.

Because this will suggest you the capacity of the plant to install. After this, we have to plan the method for collecting waste plastic from different areas.

If you don’t have the capacity to run an industry then this waste can sell to waste management recycling industries as raw material.

The waste management recycling industry is not a simple industry to start by yourself in a small area. For starting, we need pollution clearance certificate with a valid license.

These certificates help us for getting a subsidy from the government to start our industry. Moreover, the area has to design in the more comfortable way to store bulk waste and also newly prepared products.

Types of Equipment for Starting Industry

We need heating equipment for making precious plastic items. The heating items are such as Ovens to melt the waste plastic.

After heating, we need molds of different shapes to make different plastic containers, ropes, toys and many.

The cost of ovens depends upon the size and capacity. For the low investment, we can use drums for melting. In order to melt, we have to add small pieces of plastic to get better and quick output.

For making small pieces we need shredder machines. The shredder machine can design by our own.

Method of Recycling

Plastic Recycling is nothing but making waste or used or broken plastic products to new products.

For this process melting of plastic is necessary. For effective output, the plastic material has to shred into small pieces.

After that, the pieces have to heat to make liquid plastic. The liquid plastic is then shifted to different molds. The molds will use to make bricks, containers, toys and many useful items.

The plastic covers will use in making bricks. First, the plastic covers have to collect in a drum and heat. The covers will turn into liquid form.

In to this liquid plastic, we have to add soil and mix thoroughly. Then the mixture has to fill in a brick-shaped mold and let it be dry.

These plastic bricks are designed in different shapes for using as pavement tiles.

I think this process doesn’t need huge investment. It requires investment only for molds and heating equipment.

This can also practice in our home for converting small and waste plastic items to precious items.


Marketing is the final step for every businessman. If you have a product then there will be always buyers. The only thing is to identify the buyers. We know how to find buyers present days using social media. We also have online platforms for selling our precious items.

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  1. we want to start a go green business not just to protect the environment but to create jobs as our area requires a lot of waste management and the service providers is only locked to production. I would like to know how do i start , what do i need, and who will be interested in funding our GG company

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