Spirulina Cultivation-Low Investment and High Income

Every business on their startup requires investment for resources, production, and establishment. Also, every entrepreneur wants to startup with profitable business ideas to earn huge income. In this context, Spirulina cultivation is one of the best business to meet entrepreneurs thought in agricultural business.

# What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue-green alga which is a protein food searching all over the globe. It is a food supplementary and also uses in many medicines for providing proteins.

A 2 gm of Spirulina in a fruit juice or hot water almost gives 60% of necessary proteins to our body.

Astronauts use Spirulina as their food supplementary on their space travel. Spirulina also gives the good immune system to our body.

Some organizations say’s about Spirulina as “Food for the Future” (USDA), Worlds’ Most Powerful Food (biotech-firm.com), Spirulina is the ideal food for mankind (United Nations Recommendation) and United Nations World Food Conference of 1974 declared Spirulina as the best food for the future.

#Where Spirulina will Grow?

While coming to the suitable area and environmental conditions, Spirulina grows in the in the temperature range of 30 to 35 degrees.

If there is a closed and controlled environment the question of contamination will not rise. The main thing we need to grow Spirulina is sunlight.

We have to provide adequate sunlight which results in the early formation of Spirulina. The controlled environment can be provided using cement tanks, plastic tanks and also square or circular type ponds for Spirulina Cultivation.

#Materials for Spirulina Cultivation

Spirulina mother culture which is available from certain cultivators for the first-time production and after that we can use our own culture from the production.

For cultivation purpose, we have to add this mother culture to good water along with certain fertilizers to maintain good protein content.

The fertilizers consist of Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Urea, Potassium, Phosphoric Acid, Ferrous, and Magnesium Sulfate. These chemicals are provided along with water in standard proportions as per water measurement.

While coming to machines based on plant size we need machinery. For a big plant, we need agitators to agitate cultured water regularly.

For small plants, a long stick is enough. Thermometer for measuring temperature, litmus papers for measuring quality, pump for filling fresh water is to maintain.

For drying in shape of noodles and for making into powder noodle shape maker and crusher types of equipment are needed.

#Process of Spirulina Cultivation

The mother culture along with fertilizers has to mix with fresh water into the designed tanks as per output.

The Spirulina will take minimum 10 to 15 days to develop based on the availability of sunlight and season. In cold season the development of Spirulina takes more days.

Proper care has to maintain while the process of Spirulina cultivation is going on from foreign matters to avoid contamination.

The water in the tank has to agitate daily using a stick or any suitable machine. The culture and the fertilizer composition are as per the standards per one liter of water. The standard size for required output will discuss below.

#Process of Maintenance

Daily certain amount of Spirulina will develop in the tanks. By using cloth collect the Spirulina in a container.

The level of the tank has to maintain after removing culture with the mixture of fresh water and fertilizer(sodium bicarbonate).

The pH value of water has to maintain every time at the time of adding. The level of water should maintain regularly after every interval of Spirulina extraction.

#Preparation of Spirulina Powder

The culture taken from the tank is shifted to a container containing filters to remove excess water. Then the culture is made to dry in the form of noodles in sunlight for 2 to 3 hours.

The dried culture is then crushed into powder by using standard devices. We should not use any mixer grinder to make into powder. Excess heat from machines while crushing results in the decrease of protein content in the powder.

So only use manual crushing tools to make powder. After that, lab testing is to do for checking protein percentage. If the protein content is high, the cost also will be high. When the controlled closed environment is provided for the culture then highest protein will possible.


Actually, everyone knows the importance of Spirulina and how it is recommending in our diet. Even doctors also recommend everyone to consume daily.

So it is recommended for every person. This makes marketing easy for every Spirulina business persons. Spirulina is available in the market in the form of tablets and powder in small containers for consumers.

If protein content is above 60% then we can expect high payment per kilogram. One kilogram of Spirulina with above 60% protein content will cost Rs 600/- to Rs 700/-.

#Investment and Gross Income

For yielding the specific amount of Spirulina we have to take standard measurements. For 40feet X 10f X 100cm (feet x feet x depth) which have a capacity of approximately 37,000 Liters of water yields, 160kg to 170kg of wet Spirulina on drying gives 16kg to 17kg of powder monthly.

This estimation may differ only in 1 or 2 kg but not high in different areas. I am giving this example because if persons want to earn huge income every month then they will choose a huge area.

From above we can know how much the capacity of the tank is needed for good income. In the market, the spirulina mother culture price is available for Rs 500/- per kilogram and fertilizers not more than Rs5,000/- as per production requirement.

Overall investment if you have own land not exceed Rs20,000/-, If you don’t have land then add land price. If you work hard and have enough area we can earn an average Rs40,000/- to Rs60,000/- after removing all expenditures.

#Construction Method

As per many observations, mother culture grows fastly in wider containers like rectangular or square ponds or even in circularly shaped ponds with a large area and minimum depth.

The construction is completely based on the expected income. Some people cultivate on top of houses or in a small available area or in a large area.

In order to protect from contamination and other foreign materials, we need some closed environments. We have to construct rectangular tanks with not more than 100cm depth for better and good quality yield. Some people cultivate on plastic buckets on top of the houses but expected yield percentage can’t expect.

Finally for the persons who want individual business with low investment and high-income Spirulina cultivation is best. Also please tell all our family and friends to have daily 2gm in our daily life to meet all necessary proteins and nutrients to build best immune system.

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