How To Start A Career In Event Planning With No Experience

Before getting into the topic I want to confirm that this is not an opinion of single or my own opinion. This is an opinion and views collected from multiple experts in event planning.

I am not going to discuss the persons but I will try to discuss how they get success with no experience.

We have to believe always that Expert in Anything was once a Beginner.



A career in Event Planning:

Getting into event planning industry is really tough as it includes certain skills like creativity, communication, planning, and effective implementation.

Actually, we can expect a good growth in event management industry. Therefore universities also established for giving additional support in the form of a degree.

This is one of the industries in which we can get an entry-level job without any education. Because this needs only skills which were discussed above.

So a career in event planning is always a good opportunity for persons who want to become ones, own boss.

Starting  A Career In Event Planning With No Experience:

We already know how to celebrate an event like birthday, marriage. Just imagine one event like marriage and steps taken for the event to celebrate.

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For marriage functions, we need a team

  • In parking area
  • for receiving people at the entrance
  • arranging hospitality for people coming from distant locations
  • Making good, tasty foods and beverages with different varieties
  • Entertainment and many other.

So for arranging above discussed points what we need. We need a proper team with good communication skills. To plan an event other than this what we need. We need only money for celebrating in a grand way.

The above paragraph is completely a discussion with one of the people who started event planning industry without experience.

Actually, this is true if you plan an event in a grand way we need to decorate the event as per the client requirement. If you plan the event with a low-budget in a grand way then how can you catch the happiness of a client. This will be the first success of your event planning business.

How To Get Success With No Experience:

Getting an Opportunity is a first crucial role in our career. So we have to spend each and every minute with energy to get our first project.

After getting the project we have to meet the client with all documents related to planning. The next immediate thing is we have to take all details of the event and where the venue is decided.

We have to go and visit the venue personally and meet venue manager. We have to collect information from the manager to know the available requirements for your event.

Plan the budget in right way to get a good response from the client. Remember one thing, your first customer will be the brand ambassador for your event planning company.

Don’t forget to get the feedback after immediate completion of an event. Please meet the client within 3 to 4 days to get details of misspells or any advice.

This really will help you to get more clients and also a success.

Anyway, professionality comes when you work with professionals or when you trained as an expert. So you need a proper toolkit and experienced person views and ideas to get more success.

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