Garbage Recycling Turning Kitchen Waste into Cash

If you are thinking of which business to start then recycling is the best business. The waste management recycling industry is a million dollar business. Garbage recycling and waste plastic recycling are converting into money by young people in a creative manner to become ones, own boss.

The last article explained about making money from waste plastic. From this article, we will study about making of money from garbage.


Making money from Garbage Recycling:

We know organic stuff can make into compost which is using for growing plants. Plants love this stuff for their growing. Therefore for preparing compost, we choose stuff that goes through a process called decaying.

Now we learn preparation of compost from the waste of our surroundings. First, for making compost we require the following

  • Carbon from brown colored organic matter like dried leaves
  • Nitrogen from fruits and green vegetable waste
  • Oxygen which comes from air
  • Water in require amounts

In order to prepare compost first, we collect organic waste from surrounding areas or from all neighbor houses. Then we separate all edible food.

After that, we collect dried leaves for supplying carbon. Then take a big bucket and drill holes to side. Cover the bottom of the bucket with a layer of soil.

Then add collected food and dried leaves as layers in alternating layers. After that cover the bucket with a plastic sheet to develop necessary moisture and heat.

Use any teethed pole to mix well for getting proper aeration. If the material inside the bucket is dry then try to sprinkle water to keep moisture. This has to continue up to 2 to 3  months for getting complete compost material.

After  3 months the dark, dry and brown colored compost ready to market.

Every day we see tonnes of waste throwing into roads. If we recycle this garbage, we will see the green and clean country. For better knowledge of preparing different types of compost, we can visit research centers nearby us.

If we visit online sites like Amazon, Flipkart for the purchase of organic compost we will know the price.Only small investment and little bit patience will earn money.

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