Profitable Small Scale Fish Farming Business Plan

Fish Farming is one of the best recommendable agricultural business plans for agricultural landowners. We know how fish is important in our diet because of its nutritious value. The demand for fish in our diet is increasing rapidly.

Suppose if you come to production, we have to choose a coastal area. Because there is a lot of chance to get fish daily. But coming to people living in non-coastal areas what is the demand and its price.

Even though the price is high the demand for fish never decreases. So this is the best opportunity for the business persons or agricultural landowners to get into the fish farming business.

Importance of Fish Farming:

Fish farming not only helps in providing a nutritious diet. This also useful as a raw material in manufacturing many products like soap, glycerine, and other medicines.

From a medical point of view, the importance of fish oil is high. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which is very useful to our health.

The demand for fish is high not only in dietary but also in manufacturing products. So fish farming is a profitable small-scale business.

What is Fish Farming?

Fish Farming means the production of fishes commercially for the purpose of supplying food and raw materials for some industries.

As we discussed earlier fishes are more helpful to mankind in providing nutritious food and useful medical products. So the process of increasing fish production commercially to meet demand is considered as fish farming.

Fish Farming Setup Costs:

We know any venture has to start with low investment. Like this fish farming also should start with a low budget. To start fish farming one should have own agricultural land with surplus water. If you don’t have you have to include land cost.

The land we choose should be free from pollution from industrial areas. The supply of water

Without land, we will know the cost to set up fish farming in our area.

  • The first thing we need a pond to grow fishes commercially. There are different methods of fish farming. But we prefer pond type to grow entire year. The pond size is up to your size of business and requirement.
  • The second thing we need fresh water whose pH value has to be in between 6.5 to 8.5.
  • Fishes to grow based on the market. Based on breed selection the cost varies.
  • We need to provide some organic food and fertilizers for the growth of fishes.
  • We also need to provide some chemicals to treat water and also to stay them away from diseases.
  • For maintenance we need labor.

The total capital amount will be around 1 lakh for constructing a pond. Maintenance charges for every month will be around Rs20,000/-.

How To Start Fish Farming:

TO start Fish Farming we need a strong pond. The pond has to construct in a place where

  • Predators should not enter into the area of production.
  • Pollution free area to keep water safe from hazardous chemicals.
  • It has to construct mainly free from floods during rainy seasons.

The pond has to fill with water having good pH value between 6.5 to 8.5. The selected breed of fish has to introduce into the pond. There are many breeds so the breed has to select in such a way that it should have high market value.

Maintenance and Feeding:

Proper maintenance is always recommendable for good profit. water should be treated with salt and chemicals for keeping water safe.

Water has to treat with chemicals to make fishes stay away from diseases. Prevention is better than cure is most recommended in this farming.

Organic fertilizers and other which is good for fishes has to give. Regular checking of fishes is important as per health issue of fishes.


For any business, production is not a matter which includes money and manpower. But the produced product has to sell to get money for producing again. For fish, we can market in our area as meat. But to get high profits and to develop business we need exports. So we need to develop marketing maximum for export.

First, we discussed how people living in non-coastal areas demands fish in their diet. So for marketing best place is non-coastal areas.

One more thing is we can make tie up with some companies to supply fishes as raw material. For this, we have to grow specific breed of their selection. In this we have to take care of climatic conditions is suitable or not for their selection.

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