E-Waste Recycling Business in Waste Management Sector

E-waste is growing because the use of electronic goods is increasing. We are depending completely on electronic devices starting from morning to bedtime. So e-waste recycling business and its growth are demanding mostly in present days.

Among waste plastic, garbage in our homes, Wastepaper, Used oil in homes the most demanding recycling item is e-waste. We know the electronic wastes composes of lead oxides and other hazardous chemicals which causes pollution to the environment.

Like other waste materials, the e-waste materials are also dumped into wastelands or normal scrap collectors. Which causes pollution to the environment. while coming to waste management system e-waste recycling occupies the best place in the recycling industry. This is one of the best profitable business that can launch with minimum investment.

E-Waste Recycling Business Plan:

The main thing in electronic waste is the demand for various parts of electronic devices. The main business starts with collecting electronic materials and separating parts from the device.

Actually, recycling means developing a new product from a waste product. The components used in the electronic device can go for a test and can reuse for making a new one.

Major Elements in E-Waste That Gives Money:

The one of the best major thing from e-waste recycling is we have multiple elements. These elements will have different values and can give huge profits.

The main parts that can collect from electronic devices are capacitors, switches, plugs, screws, resistors, LED’s, Transistors, and most precious metal gold.

E-Waste Recycling Process:

  • Collect all waste electronic materials like PCB’s, Televisions, Computers, Keyboards, Mobile phones and any electronic related materials.
  • Then collected materials have to separate based on type.
  • The separated devices have to dismantle manually by assigning certain manpower.
  • The manpower assigned will separate all electronic components from the boards and then separate waste plastic.
  • The waste plastic contains gold.
  • Then the gold will separate by using nitric acid. The waste plastic collected will dip into the solution containing nitric acid.
  • The materials will melt except gold and the gold has to separate by filtering.

Note: While extracting gold using nitric acid we have to use proper safety equipment to cover face and hands.


The final stage is marketing. For gold, we know where to sell and no need to struggle. The only remaining thing is components. We can sell the collected components to electronic device manufacturing companies. These components also can sell individually for science projects.


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