Agricultural Business Ideas With Very Low Investment

Agriculture is very important for any country to meet the need of food for their people. It also helps in the growth of countries economy. So there is great importance for agricultural business. There are many profitable agricultural business ideas with low investment.

Agricultural Business Ideas

Spirulina Cultivation:

It is a best agricultural business with low investment. Spirulina is recommending by doctors in our daily diet. Spirulina cultivation is a more profitable low investment business. For more details, Please visit

Mushroom Farming:

Mushrooms are best nutrient food for all. This is also a more profitable business with low investment. Mushrooms helpful in reducing weight and also the best diet for young and old. For more details, please visit  

Goat and Sheep Farming:

This is the best export type agricultural business. We know how European countries depend on meat. For this farming, we need investment for maintaining sheds and food.

Dairy Farming:

We know the importance of dairy products in our life. If we have space and capability of supplying grass then we can enter into dairy-farming.

Pig Farming:

This is also export type business which earns huge profits. For feeding pigs, we can get free food from the hotels. Yes, the waste food will through every day by hotels. we can use this food for feeding pigs. So, this is also a low investment agricultural business.

Fish Farming:

This farming needs large tanks and water. This is also a growing agricultural business in aquaculture. For large output, this needs good food. Fish farming is the more profitable small-scale business.

Poultry Farming:

We know how chickens are favorite for all. Every one like the chicken on their weekends and as a special dish on parties. We can also supply this poultry animal to many food production companies.

Compost Production:

Compost is helpful for growing plants. We can also produce compost from our kitchen waste. There are different types of compost available in the market. We can plan vermicomposting business on our land which is highly profitable.

This compost can make from our surrounding kitchen wastes and waste leaves. We can get conversion of garbage from kitchen waste from

Plant Nursery:

If you have land then we can develop a nursery for growing different plants and flowers. We can grow more plants and flowers in the nursery.

From nursery, we can supply different plants and flowers for functions and homes.

Above said business ideas are very low investment business ideas with high profits. The only thing we need is hard-working. Because these ideas require personal involvement. The involvements are nothing but cleaning and maintenance.


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