Welcome to Aspadamana – aspada and mana are two Sanskrit words combinedly called as Businessman.

This is a Personal Blog featuring about business ideas to utilize each and everything of our surroundings to become a successful entrepreneur.

In this blog, we publish

  • Low investment business ideas in all sectors
  • News on entrepreneurs around the world
  • Inspiring stories of young entrepreneurs

The main theme in starting this blog is to become ones, own boss. I have read many stories of bloggers about their earnings through the blog. Some of them stood as Inspiring persons for others. They changed entire world and introduced a new type of industry called Blogging.

From my blog, I want to thanks to those inspiring persons and want to share some of the ideas related to industries for small towns and cities. We know how a number of websites are creating daily. Many technical and non-technical information is sharing through blogs. Among them, My blog is also one for sharing new ideas or old ideas. I also want to earn money from my blog with making other non-bloggers also to earn money.

About Me

I am Sudharshan Working as Business Development Executive. I completed B.Tech in 2012 in the stream of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. I am also one who wants to work independently and quit from 9 am to 6 pm job and become own boss. As a job holder, I Observed many things how even non-degree and degree holder leading his life. A person having a degree in his hand can go to respectable positions but he has to work under Entrepreneur. While coming to Entrepreneur I searched for their qualification but shocked by the result. Because the only qualification is creative mind and thought of making money from every part of our surrounding.

I studied and followed many articles and videos on YouTube and Google for becoming an entrepreneur in all possible ways. At last, I took one decision to write a blog about my thoughts on starting a business and procedures for starting a firm. If persons having online knowledge can earn money and live independently. For persons having knowledge on browsing and searching for business ideas, I hope my blog will help.

Some Blogs help other persons to educate on affiliate marketing and encouraging to live their own life. Like this,  I also want to encourage persons to start-up own business(not related to the internet) by using our surrounding things in a possible. For any person living in the world need Food, Cloth, and Home. Based on these I want to make my blog more useful for young entrepreneurs.

That’s It Friends! Thank You!